Boneless Collection

The collection consists of a series of backpacks, travel bags, shoulder bags, wallets, belts, and other accessories. Animal titles of the Hindi language inspired the names for these models and reflect the impetus behind their design. We have for example, Phoksa (fox) shoulder bag, Ajagara (python) belt, Raino (rhino) backpack, and more. This assortment of unique animals represents a collective of friendship that all exist peacefully with one another, showing us nature at its most ideal and inspiring.


The symbol of the collection is a simple shape of the bow or butterfly, irregular triangles that come to from a single point at the place where everything originates. Harmony and simplicity are key themes throughout the series. The Boneless collection was initiated by our vegan, vegetarian and animal loving customers and friends. For the owner and designer Ales, it was a challenge to create a minimalist and sleek design the whole "vegan friendly" collection.

Our efforts to be environmentally conscious extend to every aspect of how these designs are made and distributed. Even the packaging material is completely recycled, and all of the colors you see were produced by natural, chemical free dyes.

We’re proud to create gentle products that our customers can feel good about purchasing. As will all our PLAYBAG designs, the Boneless collection has a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship, meaning you’re buying a product that is meant to be passed down for generations to come, and won’t end up inside a landfill.

Megan Flottorp