Finally A Backpack You Can Actually Take Anywhere

In a world with increasingly diversified fashion options, we understand that people want to be able to define their style with well-made, versatile items that still have a sense of fun and reflect solid design qualities. For a young professional hustling in the city, gone are the days of impractical single-function bags that might look attractive in a store or photograph, but leave you feeling limited in real life. These days, people want something they can take from a causal office, to a formal client meeting, to yoga, cocktails with friends, and maybe even to the beach- always with a laptop safely in tow.

Carrying around multiple bags is tiring, inefficient and leaves you at a higher risk for leaving something important behind. The classic handbag just doesn’t cut it for the modern person on the go. So we decided to create a casual backpack that could be carried effortlessly while maintaining the subtlety and discrete qualities of a shoulder bag.

Meduza, or “Jellyfish” in Czech, is an ultra-light, multi-purpose backpack with a unique yet understated look. Super durable and waterproof, the fold and roll design secured with plastic clips is as adaptable as it is dependable.

There is also a small, secure, and almost undetectable pocket for your valuables. Its minimalist, yet edgy design allows you to go seamlessly from one event to another.


Throw in the fact that it’s a vegan product, hand-made from ethically sourced materials, and you can feel as good about your purchase as you look carrying it.

Megan Flottorp