Meet the TEAM

Ales - The bag master

This is Ales, without whom PLAYBAG would not exist. 

Bravely starting his own venture almost 10 years ago, he describes his development process as cyclical. A habit he took with him from art school, it’s a matter of traveling through various phases over the course of the creative practice. He says it’s important to spend enough time with a design, or idea, in order to fully extract all it has to offer. Never one to shy away from trying something new or pushing this limits, this is has been his approach to PLAYBAG from the start.

Anna - Designer

This is Anna. Cooperating with Ales on the entire process from development to production, she describes her working environment as Santa’s workshop. Cooperating closely with her colleagues, she appreciates the dynamic practice of always trying to improve the products, and knowing that the bags she creates might even be enjoyed by someone on the other side of world inspires her.

ZDENA - Production manager

This is Zdena. She is a whip smart, rationally minded woman, and our materials expert. She makes sure that every sleek design is executed with the highest degree of durability and functionality. Working closely with Ales, she notes his keen eye for look and style and consults with him regarding more practical matters such as material and cut.

Michal - Bag enthusiast 

This is Michal. A close friend of Ales’s for many years, these two met bombing hills on speedboards and have since shared many adventures. An adrenaline seeker, he played an active role in testing the durability of many of PLAYBAG’s specialized athletic products. Now living in Montreal, he is introducing Ales’s creations to the North American market. If you’re in North America and have questions, this is the guy to contact :)

Megan - creative content 

This is Megan. A copywriter by trade, she keeps Michal happy and is the creative content person. Having become obsessed with PLAYBAG’s product and owning many, you could also call her a quality control assistant and she’d be happy to tell yo more about why you’ll love these bags.

Michal Velharticky