Each of our PLAYBAG products has a unique and significant name. From the Japanese minimalist inspired DOZO, to our multi-purpose WELTZ that pays homage to a great explorer, the title of each bag provides a hint to the original inspiration for its design. Yet despite the fact that many of these influences were taken from world travels or exotic animals, some hit a little closer to home.

For those of you who don’t know, PLAYBAG is a company that was dreamt up and founded in the Czech Republic. Our home base is still in Zlin, where the creator and design mastermind, Ales, was born, raised, introduced to the art of bag making by his father, and still happily calls home. Wanting to share the legacy and traditional craftsmanship of these exceptional bags, PLAYBAG has arrived in Canada with two excited team members eager to introduce these products in North America. Despite falling immediately in love with the great Canadian wilderness and the funky metropolis of Montreal (PLAYBAG’s second home), there are some things about the Czech lands that we miss, and one of our favorite PLAYBAG products happens to share a name with one of them.


When most North Americans hear Czech Republic, they usually think of Prague. The city truly is an architectural marvel, full of art and history, and (as anyone who has stepped foot in the country can attest to), some of the world’s most delicious malty concoction. The tradition of Czech beer needs no justification, and as the globe shrinks, we increasingly see ‘Czech-style’ proudly declared on craft brew labels the world over.

The problem is that, admits all the commotion, a crucial element to the Czech beer experience has remained largely overlooked. As any seasoned beer drinker knows, if you’re going to go the distance, you need something to munch on that is going to allow you to enjoy that next pint without tumbling off your bar stool.

Megan Flottorp