On any given day we use dozens, if not hundreds, of different products. Most of these products have been purchased in large stores in a fairly unfamiliar way from someone we don’t know. Although it has become a more common consideration in recent times, we typically don’t ask too many questions about where these products were come from or who made them.

At PLAYBAG, we are trying to overcome these barriers and create a direct relationship between our products, the people who design and craft them, and the customer who ends up taking them home. Our workshop is a magical place where hardworking people and great ideas come together to create something to be proud of, and we want to share this spirit with our customers.

The heart of our company is in Zlín, Czech Republic. Zlín is a small city in southeastern Moravia, and its development is actually closely related to another textile accessory manufacturer, the Bata Shoe Company. The first record of this modern city dates back to 1322, where it served as a craft guild for the surrounding area. A place rooted in artisanal entrepreneurship from the beginning, this do-it-yourself spirit still very much permeates the ethos of the city.  

Our current production in Zlín consists of a small, dedicated team that believes in collaboration and taking pride in the work they do. Ales Loch is the founder and driving creative force of this company and he works on a one to one basis with every individual involved in the production of a PLAYBAG product. 

Vienna production.jpg

Having the office, creative space, and production all in one place, means new ideas can quickly be translated into reality and test products and prototypes abound. For example, allow us to introduce a new product we’ve been working on recently, VIENNA. Inspired by the same sense of elegance and class that defines the city from which it takes its name, VIENNA’s geometric architecture is made of smooth black leather that is accentuated by excellent execution of its fine line detailing.

This was a design that has been in the works for a while, but after returning from travels full of inspiration, in collaboration with assistant product designers, Ales put the final touches on it and it is now available as a made to order purchase item. It has quickly become a favorite around the workshop and has proven to be the go-to shoulder bag for functionality and pulling off an easy-going sophisticated look.

Working with a trusted creative team, who all share the same satisfaction in a job well done, means our products always reflect these values. A lot of effort goes into the bags that emerge from our small workshop in Zlín, and it’s our pleasure to have the opportunity to follow in the entrepreneurial spirit that enlivens their birthplace and share our PLAYBAG love with the rest of the world. 

Megan Flottorp