WALKER Springfield & WALKER Madison

When talking styles of bags, if there is one that has stood the test of time, it is the messenger bag. The design of this classic across-the-body, over-the-shoulder bag has developed to suit the needs of each generation and has endured as a go-to choice, even when confronting the rigours of modern, digital life. 


WALKER Springfield & WALKER Madison are two of our messenger bag designs. These durable bags are waterproof and built to withstand a lot more than your average city commute. Inspired by the legacy of this purposeful design, they are pieces worthy of being associated with the proud name they carry. 
Having been around for well over a century, the messenger bag was initially designed for maximal accessibility, allowing for goods to be taken in and out of the bag with ease. The bag really gained popularity during WW2, when troops would fill their sturdy canvas carriers with supplies and personal belongings to keep their hands free for weapons or tools. The postal service then inherited the design to carry mail, before passing the design onto city couriers.

Each different group had the same requirements: keeping contents as safe and dry as possible while moving quickly and conveniently. Every time the metaphorical torch is passed, the design gets slicker, the materials more modern, and the interior function more useful. Since the late 2000’s messenger bags have been adapted to carry laptops alongside traditional files and notes, as well as cables, smartphones and the host of digital devices we use every day. 

More versatile than a briefcase, more sophisticated than a backpack, swap the traditional canvas for tarpaulin and you have a luxe looking bag that is going to be around for generations. So whether you’re a student, a business person, or just a homie on the go, there’s a lot to love in the now-timeless combination of functionality and fashion. Here’s to a piece of a history that never goes out of style

Megan Flottorp