You want a functional bag that can handle a weekend in the woods but that also has you looking and feeling good for your city adventures? 


We get it. At heart, we’re city people too. Hailing from Prague, Czech Republic, we’re currently setting up shop in Montreal and loving every aspect of the dynamic culture this diverse city has to offer. That being said, we’re also people you need to, from time to time, escape to nature and get re-grounded. Luckily for us, the city we now call home is situated admits a wealth of natural beauty and as new comers, the opportunities for exploration seem endless. But when you’re splitting your time and finances between fast-paced Monday-Friday city living, and weekends spent exploring the great outdoors- you need a bag that is up to both challenges.

Allows us to introduce one of our proudest creations, WELTZ, the ultimate city to nature transition bag. This light multi-functional backpack is built to last, a seriously multi-generational piece of equipment. The entirety of this unassuming bag is made of certified CORDURA, a fabric that is literally indestructible and can withstand mechanical abuse along with every elemental force mother nature has at her disposal. 

And to show just how confident we are in this bag’s ability to perform, we even gave it the proud name of one of our honored countrymen. Jan Weltl (1868- 1948), was a Czech traveler, adventurer, hunter, gold-digger, writer, and storyteller. His escapades took him all over the world, but he is especially relevant to our current story, because despite being born in what is current day Czech Republic, he lived out his last days in Canada- a country he revered for its untamed nature and the diversity of its landscape. 

WELTZ BLACK mr.weltz.jpg

Known to have a smile on his face even in the roughest of conditions, this was a man who had a true appreciation for his freedom and seized every opportunity life threw his way. Enjoying both the amenity that his prominent societal position provided him, he also sought tirelessly to explore new frontiers and was a true adventurer in every sense of the word. 


These are big boots to fill, but we believe that with the WELTZ, we have a bag truly deserving of the man to which its owes its name. From city to country and back again, this bag will keep a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. Like all our products, each WELTZ backpack was handcrafted in our small workshop in the Czech Republic, using sustainably sourced European material. 

Here’s to new lands, new adventures, and a worthy travel companion to have at your side (or on your back ;) ). 

Megan FlottorpComment