As a design project, Playbag is hoping to set a new standard of excellence in the garment accessory sector. The foundation of our company will always be our expertly crafted traditional and functional urban bags, but as we constantly seek to expand our horizons, our workshop is also full of test models and prototypes for unique and specialized products. Based on functionality, quality, and simple yet striking aesthetics, our priority is practicality, but our eye for detail is what makes our products beautiful. In keeping with this ideal, we use only the best materials and components. We don't follow trends and every single one of our products is the result of an individually developed idea and project. We are constantly subjecting our designs to scrutiny and working to improve them. The entirety of the process, from the initial idea to the final manufacturing detail, happens in our small workshop. Produced only in a limited quantity, each model line is a reflection of our core values: traditional Czech manufacturing, design excellence, and quality material.

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