AMPER Salt & Pepper

AMPER Salt & Pepper


Amper is a medium sized city backpack ( bigger than VOLTA) that is ideal for taking to work or on trips. This new model stands up to any kind of weather and features leather straps and detailing. Released as a limited edition, this bag is made from compound materials and is easy to open and close. Offering a stylish and efficient way to transport your belongings, it was designed for optimum functionality. 


  • Padded back with tables sleeve

  • Leather straps

  • Handbag buttons under straps

  • Seven pockets


  • Cotton triplex ( A three-layer material that forms a functional symbiosis of properties) 

    • Durable cotton fabric - abrasion resistance

    • Latex membrane - water-resistant layer

    • Cotton fabric - reinforcing layer

  • Leather details

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