WELTZ is a light multi-functional backpack that is built to last. The ultimate city to nature transition bag, it is made entirely of CORDURA, a fabric that is literally indestructible and can withstand mechanical abuse along with every elemental force mother nature has at her disposal. It features a leather bottom and detailing, side and inner zip pocket, laptop compartment, padded back and shoulders and a removable chest strap. Named after a famous Czech explorer, this design is one we hope would make even Mr. Weltz proud.


  • Leather bottom

  • Side pockets Inner zip up pocket

  • Laptop compartment

  • Leather straps for the top with metal buckles

  • Closable plastic pocket under the cover

  • Padded bottom, suitable for a lap top

  • Padded back and shoulder straps

  • Adjustable and removable chest strap



  • Leather

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